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Home adress of Jean Desbois

Samdach Preah Sokun Meanbon St. (178) / Angle 141 Phnom Penh

Biography of Jean Desbois

Biography written by Marie-Laure Crosnier Leconte:

Number of the School of Fine Arts: 6526.

Jean Ernest Louis Desbois, born in Cherbourg (Manche) on August 25, 1891, son of Ernest Auguste Desbois, 37, head of indirect taxes, and Amélie Marie Pauline Alexandrine Lemonnier 25 years.

Pupil of Emmanuel Le Ray at the Regional School of Architecture of Rennes, he is admitted in 2nd class on July 9, 1910 and obtains a total of 21 ½ values including a 3rd Medal in modeling, 1st class July 25, 1913.

His transfer of registration to Paris is authorized by decision of September 19, 1913, and becomes the student of Louis Bernier and Emmanuel Pontremoli in Paris (at the workshop on October 1, 1919), gets a total of 10 values including one 2nd Medal in drawing, graduated on November 17, 1920 (115th promotion, A bourgeois property (houses) for the devastated areas) (architect in Paris, 20 rue d'Odessa 75014 January 28, 1920 and February 25, 1922)

He seeks a job in Indochina, in the service of Public Works [request for information from the Economic Agency of the General Government of Indochina in Paris on March 20, 1922], then in Phnom Penh, Cambodia [between 1931 and 1937], he designs the new Phsar Thmey central market of Phnom Penh in 1934-37.

Jean Desbois 1891-1971 ©, worked with his Excellency King Sisowath Monivong in the 30s, and received the honorary titles of "Knight of the Order of the King in 1924.

And from "Knight of the Imperial Order of the Annam Dragon (King Bao Dai) on 7.08.

he is the designer:

Phsar Thmey of Phnom Penh then built with Louis Chauchon

from bengalow to Kep on the sea,

of the indigenous isolation ward at Phnom Penh Hospital,

security offices in Phnom Penh,

of the Khmer Sports Circle in Phnom Penh,

of the Hotel le Royal le Raffles then built with E. Hebrard

Beng Dechor 1938 Less exposed to tourists, this building is planned for local residents

King's residence

from the railway station station

from the garage the establishments COMTE

of the great Art Deco room UGC le Normandy Paris Champs Elysees France

the designer Sainte Jeanne d' Arvor Church, Lorient France

others in France

in charge of Renovation with Jeanne b.Surugue of the Royal Palace designed by Pierre VILA, architect Dplg (1919)

He joined Hue, Annam, in 1938; and worked in Lorient, Morbihan [between 1949 and 1962]; chief architect of the Civil Buildings of Phnom Penh;

He became a member of the S.A.D.G. in 1921, and honorary member on December 18, 1958, he still appears as an honorary member in the 1962 yearbook.

Ill died in Lorient on September 18, 1971

National Archives of France, AJ / 52/582, student file)


S.A.D.G review 1938

The Phsar Thmey designed by Jean Desbois

Jean Desbois was consciously inspired at the time by recent structures like the public market of LEIPZIG (1928) and the hall of BRESLAU (1913)

Its location: the central market became the centerpiece of an urban extension project, transforming this colonial and peaceful city, despite yet a royal touch, into an important capital.

The French resident mayor and members of the municipal commission

(which includes King Monivong)

wanted the status of this city to be unequivocal

a regional commercial center, and maybe even international.

He created the harmony with a space dedicated to each branch of trades and gardens outside and removable stalls listed in the specifications.

The ventilated wing project allowed not only ventilation of the building but also resistance to blast.

The Axes of Phsar Thmey somewhat shifted in orientation to honor each religion.

ARCHIVES LINKS https: //structurae.info/personnes/jean-desbois

adhered to the S.A.D.G.in1921:

http://www.sfarchi.org/pdf/SADGtome1.pdf honorary member December 18, 1958, still figure as honorary member in the 1962 yearbook




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Phnom Penh - Architecture - Exhibition: Penh to Paper by Stuart Croxford

Monday, June 12, 2017 No comments

Opening at the Lotus Pond Gallery (La Plantation), Wednesday, June 21, 2017 from 6:30 pm at the Penh to Paper exhibition, an art exhibition representing some of Phnom Penh's most emblematic architectural landmarks by architects such as Jean Desbois , Vann Molyvann and Mam Sophana






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